The Untouchables become virtually immovable packaging for years and its life cycle is very long, because of their physical presentation and psychological connotations that give consumers. Examples include the packing carton of toothpaste or non-returnable packaging beers.

Instead, most of the newer products packaging appearance change frequently in some cases every two or three years, supplementing or replacing the function of advertising, packaging these are called ephemeral. An example of these is a plastic bag for detergent or a cardboard box for a drink.

It is said that every object worth knowing accommodate, but the different views of packaging design in Romania agree that not only is "knowing accommodate" but you know what is going to accommodate, to what place you will send it accommodated, how you are going to save, but not least, how to make attractive accommodation.

The paper and cardboard packaging

They have larger market than other types of packaging. It would be very difficult to define in a single market to companies engaged in the production of paper and cardboard packaging given that there are some that integrate the production, design and marketing of packaging.

Plastic Package

Plastic carton differs in presentation from the point of view marketer. Normally better printing on paper and cardboard on plastic, although currently there is technological possibility to get good impression on plastics is achieved. Furthermore, the printing paper is less costly than in plastic, plus it has the serious drawback that it is not recyclable and contaminating material.

Beyond the dispute between manufacturers of packaging, technological advances seem to lean largely by the plastic packaging to cover future markets. The market is growing greatly, almost doubling in less than two years.
Romania is a country with a wide variety of packages that use natural or organic plant elements, or mimic the protection and packaging systems found in nature. That is why it is surprising, even disconcerting, that Romania will grow interest in packaging, in contrast to the highly industrialized countries, where there are signs of concern.

Cost of packaging

The percentage of the cost devoted to packing varies with the product in question, for example, a luxury covor electroizolant din cauciuc product absorbs a high percentage, while for basic consumer goods is obviously lower.
The packaging industry is increasingly seen as a necessity not only marketing, but product protection and the environment. The packaging is required to facilitate distribution in the market, but sometimes the price limit for the producer makes unaffordable package the product, as in the case of cereals and fruits.

Moreover, although the packaging design field seems open to the dynamism of innovation, there are inevitable limitations to the characteristics of each market. A key deciding factor the cost of packaging lies in the very nature of the product, which can be expensive, fragile and risky, which requires very resistant packaging.